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Figurative Sculptures

These figures are not pretty pieces of the more usual Peascod style of luscious lustres, delicate calligraphy, or the later maiolica work. They are passionate portraits of raw comment that draw you into the argument. The solid satin blacks of a teetering figure are repulsive at the same time as being intriguing. The glowing ivory or marble-like surfaces are seductive, even if they adorn a cadaver-like figure.....Satire permeates all of these works. Knowing the dangers of throwing stones at objects held sacred, Alan said, “I have chosen humour to introduce the levity needed to avoid alienating the more serious points I am making. No matter how objective the terms of critical analysis, to speak or write analytically about the profession is to invite acrimony and hostility from within the ranks, raising the question of whether it is worth the effort.” For Alan Peascod, raising the question was worth it and there was no more powerful vehicle than his figurative sculptures.

Lindsay Duncan, Extract from book